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Full-time Faculty
Shih-Chen ShiShih-Chen Shi
Ph.D., Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Chiao Tung University.
Office(62176)、Lab (62159-72)
Office(91720)、Lab (91A06)
  • Nano materials: preparation and application
  • Composite material: polymer matrix 
  • Tribology
  • Sens0R: biosens0R, gas sens0R
  • Photobiology and photochemistry
  • LED application
  • Ceramic
  • Fracture analysis
  • Simulation on mechanical property
  • Welding and punching process
  • 2014- now Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University
  • 2013-2014 Metal Industries Research & Development Centre (MIRDC)
  • 2012-2013 Biotechnology Inc. 
  • 2007-2012 Everlight Co. Ltd.
Academic expertise
  • Metal & Ceramic
  • Nanomaterials
  • Tribology
  • Traditonal mechanical manufacturing technology


Research areas
  • Metal & Ceramic
  • Nanomaterials
  • Tribology
  • Traditonal mechanical manufacturing technology
Main courses
  1. Manufacturing
  2. Material se1ection
  3. Material analysis and prepartion
  4. Tribology
  5. Electronics
  6. Introduction to programming
  1. Dieter Rahmadiawan,Shih-Chen Shi*, 2024/04, Enhanced Stability, Superior Anti‑Corrosive, and Tribological Performance of Al2OWater‑based Nanofluid Lubricants with Tannic Acid and Carboxymethyl Cellulose over SDBS as Surfactant, Scientific Reports, 2024, 14, 9217, SCI. 
  2. Shih-Chen Shi*, Xiao-Ning Tsai, Dieter Rahmadiawan, 2024/03, Enhancing the Tribological Performance of Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Composite Coatings through Nano-sized Metal and Oxide Additives: A Comparative Study, Surface & Coatings Technology, 2024,483,130712, SCI. 
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  11. Dieter Rahmadiawan, Hairul Abral, Mohammad Khalid Ilham, Poppy Puspitasari, Rahmat Azis Nabawi Shih-Chen Shi, Eni Sugiarti, Ahmad Novi Muslimin, Devi Chandra, R.A. Ilyas, Rahadian Zainul, 2023/09, Enhanced UV blocking, tensile and thermal properties of bendable TEMPO-oxidized bacterial cellulose powder-based films immersed in PVA/Uncaria gambir/ZnO solution, Journal of Materials Research and Technology, 2023, 26, 5566-5575. (SCI).
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  16. Shih-Chen Shi*, Po-Wei Huang, Chih-Chia Wang, Tao-Hsing Chen, 2023/03, Integrated atmospheric microplasma with ultrasonic spray pyrolysis deposition of aluminum-doped zinc oxide, Modern Physics Letters B, 2023, 2023, 37, 16, 2340008 (SCI).
  17. Shih-Chen Shi*, Shu-Wen Yang, Yu-Chen Xu, Fu-I Lu, 2023/02, The Synergic Effect of Erythrosine and Gold Nanoparticles in Photodynamic Inactivation,  Sustainability 2023, 15(4), 3621. (SCI)
  18. Chun-Tu Chou, Shih-Chen Shi*, Tao-Hsing Chen, Chih-Kuang Chen, 202301, Nanocellulose-reinforced, multilayered poly(vinyl alcohol)-based hydrophobic composites as an alternative sealing film, Science Progress 2023, 106(1). (SCI) .
  19. Sung-Lin Tu, Chih-Kuang Chen*, Shih-Chen Shi *, Jason Hsiao Chun Yang*, 2022/12/15, Plasma-Induced Graft Polymerization of Polyethylenimine onto Chitosan/Polycaprolactone Composite Membrane f0R Heavy Metal Pollutants Treatment in IndustrialWastewater, Coatings, 2022, 12, 1966. (SC).
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  25. Shih-Chen Shi *, Xin-Xing Zeng, 2022/09,Effect of the strengthening mechanism of SiO2 reinf0Rced poly(methyl
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(A) Ministry of Science and Technology project

  1. Development of high-strength, low gas permeability, natural antibacterial nano-material reinforced coating and study on its mechanical and tribology properties: MOST 110-2221-E-006-150
  2. Study of Surface Behavior, Wear Resistance and Tribology Theory of ITO Targets: MOST 109-2221-E-006-046
  3. Synthesis of nano-graphene HPMC composite, analysis of its tribological property and study of mechanical, biological, electrical and anticorrosional behavi0Rs:   MOST 106-2221-E-006 -092 -MY3
  4. Ultra-high-frequency plasma chemical vapor deposition large area conductive diamond film technology and equipment research and development: MOST 107-2622-E-009-001 -CC1
  5. Preparation and study of tribological properties of multifunctional composite coating with electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, anticorrosion and green lubricating behavior: MOST 105-2221-E-006-069
  6. Preparation and study of tribological perperties of transition metal dichalcogenide and biofriendly nanofluid: MOST 104-2221-E-006-057
  7. Preparation and Study on Mechanical and Tribological performance of fullerene-like nanostructure enhanced with oxide nanocomposites:  MOST 103-2218-E-006-026


(B)  Industrial-academic cooperation project

  1. Ceramic fracture model: 2021/3-2022/3
  2. Electrical motor punching project:  2020/4-2023/3
  3.  Verification of the dispersion effect of ceramic powder and slurry: 2020/1-2021/9
  4. Key technical research on flash welding process: 2020/10-2021/9
  5.  The analysis of flash welding process materials and the study of microstructure: 2019/10-2020/7
  6. Coolgrow inter and coolgrow linear design:  2019/5
Technology transfer
I599273 一種塗佈奈米微粒於基材的設備及其製造方法
I419001 決定光源個數的方法
D152552 燈具
I383741 植物培養裝置
D150882 燈具
I375537 化妝盒
D149125 美容燈
D148598 燈具
201247029 照明燈具及調節其發出的不同波長光的比例的方法
201205770 可調控色溫元件及產生具有不同色溫之白光的方法
201129248 照明系統
200921458 按鍵及其背光模組
US 8497629 B2 Color-temperature-tunable device
EP 2323462 A3  Method of determining number of light sources
CN 301762042 S 灯(美容灯)
CN 301752835 S 灯具
CN 301735762 S 灯具
CN 102150584 B 植物培养装置
CN 102138726 B 化妆盒
CN 102347323B可调控色温组件及产生具有不同色温的白光的方法
CN 101441948 A 按键及其背光模组
CN 102077766 B 决定光源个数的方法
CN 102767811A 照明灯具及调节其发出的不同波长光的比例的方法
CN 102149237 A 照明系统
(Lab equipment)
  1. Abaqus
  2. Thermal CVD
  3. High temperature RTA
  4. Raman
  5. FTIR
  6. Micro/nano hardness tester
  7. Degausser
  8. High-temperature oven
  9. Hot plate & Magnetic stirrer
  10. Ultrasonic cleaner
  11. Adjustable Applicator
  12. Constant Temperature and Humidity Machine
  13. Freeze dryer
  14. Incubator
  15. Potentiostat
  16. EIS

(Lab product)
  1. Cellulose nanocrystal (CNC)
  2. Cellulose nanofiber (CNF)
  3. Dialdehyde cellulose nanocrystal (DACNC)
  4. Erythrosine-functional Dialdehyde cellulose nanocrystal (Ery-DACNC)
  5. Graphene
  6. Graphene quantum dot (GQD)
  7. Carboxyl-functional GQD (CfGQD)
  8. Amino-functional GQD (AfGQD)
  9. Chitosan
  10. Carboxylated Chitosan (CARCTS)
  11. Aminated Chitosan (AMICTS)
  12. EVA
  13. EVA-PLA