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Incoming Application for International Degree
  • ME department Scholarship for International PhD Student
    • Each PhD student receives up to NT$ 50,000 (NT$10,000 for each of the first two academic years, NT$30,000 after passing the Qualifying Exam) from the ME department
Course requirements for the degree
  • 18 credits of approved doctoral elective courses (at least 9 credits from the ME Department)
  • Seminar is a required zero-credit course. The students should enroll in seminar in each semester (up to 8 semesters) before graduation.
  • The passing score for each course is 70 points.
  • The student should pass the Qualifying Exam.
  • Students are expected to take general education courses in academic ethics (at least six hours) before graduation. Go to the "Office Academic Integrity NCKU" website for online courses.
  • The year of doctoral study is limited to 2 to 7 academic years. 
  • Two (or more) accepted SCI journal papers.
    In these papers, the student and the advisor should be the first two authors or the corresponding author. At least one of the papers  should be co-authored only by the student and the advisor, and should be published in a journal from outside of Taiwan and China.
Qualifying Exam
Qualifying Exam: The qualifying exam consists of evaluation subjects and oral exams.
  • Relevant regulations for evaluation subjects:
    • The student should select three subjects from the list of subjects including Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Elasticity, Mechanical Vibration, Engineering Analysis, Advanced Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery, Advanced Mechanical Design, Manufacturing Process for Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Properties of Materials, Automatic Control, Linear System Theory.
      The selection form must be signed by the thesis advisor, or by the department chair if advisor is not picked. The subjects cannot be changed thereafter.
    • The student should pass all 3 subjects by the fourth semester. The passing score for each subject is 80 points. If the subject fails, the student may choose the same subject again until the fourth semester, but the subject does not count for credit. Please refer appendix for “The courses corresponding of Ph.D. qualifying subjects”.
    •  With the approval of the ME Department Academic Committee, students who have completed and passed the corresponding courses of our department before admission can apply for exemption of subjects.
      With the approval of the ME Department Academic Committee, foreign graduate student can be granted with 2 additional semesters to pass the evaluation subjects.
  • Oral Exam:
    • The student can take Oral Exam after passing the Written Exam.
    • The student must pass the oral exam by the sixth semester.
Doctoral Degree Exam
  • PhD Review
    • Before apply graduation oral defense, students should call a meeting to review his graduation qualification with the members who qualifying oral exam, than he can apply graduation defense.
    • Documents for PhD Review