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Application for International Mater Degree
Academic Regulations for Master’s Degree Program
Academic Regulations for Master’s Degree Program at Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University

一.24 Credits should be completed within the period of Master’s degree program (excluding thesis and seminars). Courses enrolled outside the period for Master's degree program should be signed and approved by advisor professor, and passing the examination and approval by the board committee and the department director, the maximum waiving credits are only up to two courses.
二.Students from each division should complete the courses specified in that division.
三. At least 12 credits of elective courses offered by Mechanical Engineering department are required (excluding credits waved from external school).
四.Master students should complete two seminars before graduation. If they graduate early within one year, they only need to complete the number of semester within their studies.
五.If students would like to take the course offered by other department, they should apply through the administrative procedure when the same course title is offered by Mechanical Engineering department.
六.After completing the 24 credits of elective courses (excluding part-time degree courses), seminars, and completing the Master's degree oral examination, it is eligible for graduation.
七.These regulations shall be implemented after the approval of department meeting, as should any amendments to them.
Master Oral Defense
Master Oral Defense
  1. Please apply one month before the oral examination
  2. Please fill in the relevant information on-line in the website (
  3. Submit a similarity report with advisor signature
  4. Print defense application form, and ask advisor to sign.
  5. Print defense scoring chart, at least three copies
  6. Print defense certificate
Leaving School Procedures for Master Students
Leaving School Procedures for Master Students
一. First, download the form of leaving school on the  website (
二. Second, your advisor signs his name on the form.
三. Third, go to these two websites( ( )to fill in the information, and ask Ms. Sophy Chen to  sign her name on the form.
四.Fouth, submit a copy of your thesis to Ms. Sherry Hou and make a department stamp on the form. Write your graduation number on the thesis and make a tick on A4 paper.
五.Fifth, submit a copy of your thesis to the library. 
六.Finally, go to the Office of Registra to get your diploma.