Manufacturing and Materials
Importance and goals
The manufacturing industry directly affect the development of the national economy. Mechanical material technology, manufacturing technology and production of automatic force technology are the key factors to keep industrial competitiveness and sustains economic. In recent years, industrial environment is facing great changes and new challenges, modern manufacturing, integrated research combines with materials processes, testing, monitoring tools to integrate a full production management system To link the computer software, an integrated manufacturing system become a unmanned factory. The teaching and research objective of our group is to cultivate engineers and R&D engineers who are both excellent in process and material technology in line with the needs of the industry, so as to lead the industry to face the challenges of industry and international competition.

Course content
  • University Department
Mechanical materials
Machinery Manufacturing & Procedures
Steel materials
Mechanics of metalworking
Mechanical properties of the material
Mechanical properties of polymer materials
VLSI process integration and measurement
  • Master
Metal Physics
Advanced Materials Property
Differential row theory
Theory of high-speed deformation of materials
Theory of plastic deformation of materials
Polymer material processing
Material damage analysis
Impact failure mechanics
Special theory of mechanical materials
High-end electronic package

The focus and direction of research and development
The research characteristics of this group are to carry out basic and applied research together with the needs of manufacturing technology in country industry. To pay equal attention in theory and experiment, simultaneously, the development of materials and manufacturing technologies for key mechanical components to promote the development of emerging industries and the upgrading of traditional industries.
  • Material:
Mechanical property testing and analysis of materials: including strength analysis, deformation, fatigue characteristics, wear resistance characteristics, etc.
Analysis and testing of microstructure: to explore the relevance and interactivity of tissue and mechanical properties and material processes.
Research on material processes: heat treatment, surface treatment, briquetting process and other process optimization conditions.
Integrated circuit process and packaging: integrated circuit process technology and packaging process of solder ball solder development, substrate warpage analysis and signal propagation delay analysis°
  • Manufacturing:
Multi-axis cutting and tooling technology: including cutting mechanics, tool geometry design, high-speed cutting, cutting thermal effects, dynamic analysis of tools and cutting systems, material machinability research, cutting technology of precision machines, and design of precision tooling machines.
Metal forming technology: including forging, extrusion, rolling and thin plate impact compression molding manufacturing computer simulation and physical simulation, material formability and failure analysis.
  • Precision measurement technology:
including multi-axis tool machine error analysis, three-dimensional measuring bed inspection, geometric optical measurement.
Production automation technology: including CAD/CAE/CAM integration, computer-aided process planning, numerical control programming, cutting process monitoring, robot application technology, automated factory logistics warehousing system, planning computer integrated manufacturing system. Integrated circuit technology: Cooperate with industry to develop new processes, components and production problem solutions